Specs: Samsung Gear S3 against Gear S2 Smart Watch


Samsung Gear S3 has been unveiled and is said to be the improved version of its predecessor the Samsung Gear S2. Let us compare it and its predecessor Samsung Gear S2.




Samsung S2 comes in three versions: the sporty version, the 3G equipped sporty version and the Gear S2 Classic. Samsung Gear S3 versions are the Gear S3 Classic and the Gear S3 Frontier. The Samsung Gear S2 alternatives were named as Gear S2 Basic and Gear S2 Classic.


Samsung Gear S3 has a more mature look than the Gear S2. It is one of a kind, rugged and very big. The Samsung Gear S3 Classic is an exact replica of the LG Watch Urbane. It comes with a leather strap as opposed to the rubber strap of Gear S2. If you compare the Gear S3 Classic to the Gear S2 Classic, they both have a standard 20 mm leather strap. The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is the sportier, outdoorsy version similar to the regular Gear S2. It also comes with a 22 mm pin and like the Gear S2 classic, it has a rubber strap but it is more rugged. Iertutil.dll is not harmful to the computer. It is a file that uses large amounts of CPU memory, which may slow the computer down, prevent other programs from running properly, or stop the computer from running altogether.

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Size and weight

Samsung Gear S2 is 11.4mm thick and weighs 47 grams. The Samsung Gear S3 is bigger and weighs more than the Gear S2. It is 12.9mm thick and weighs 57 grams. Display: The Samsung Gear S2 has a1.2 inch AMOLED display and its pixel density is 302ppi.size while Gear S3 has a display resolution of 1.3 AMOLED and a pixel density of 278ppi. The Samsung Gear S3 and Samsung Gear S2 use Corning's Gorilla Glass. The Gear S3 upgraded to the Corning's Gorilla Glass SR+ which does not scratch easily. The Gear S2 has a small display but is bright while the S3's display is larger and better. Gear S2 is sharper than S3 in display but when S3 is always on display it keeps displaying more colourful images rather than going to grayscale.

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Aside from its new looks, Samsung Gear S3 has 768MB RAM and its battery capacity is 380mAh which is 50% more than that of Gear S2 of 250mAH battery. It also comes with wireless charging, a heart-rate monitor and NFC/MST support for Samsung Pay. Both the Gear S2 and Gear S3 have a GPS and 3G. The Gear S3 has 3G/LTE that enables you to make and receive calls. The Gear S3 unlike S2 has an already installed microphone and speaker to enable you make and receive calls. The two devices are also water resistant. Also Iertutil.dll may disguise malicious software; it is advised that users should always scan files that are downloaded from the Internet before installing them on the computer. One of the issues that arise with Iertutil.dll is that whenever there is a system update and the browser.

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Both devices use the same operating system. The only difference is that you can now rotate the bezel to accept or dismiss calls and there are a few minor visual changes as well. The Samsung Gear S3 and S are both compatible with Andriod iOS operating system. Do you prefer the Gear S2 or Gear S3? Which one of them has the best feature? Iertutil.dll runs on the Windows Operating System and you can find it in the primary hard drive's System32 folder. Is updated to a newer version, problem arises with the Internet Explorer and the application will crash. In this article, we will identify the various issues that cause the Iertutil.dll error and how we can fix it. Ensure that you follow the above procedure strictly so as not to cause more problems on your computer.

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DIY: Fixing IertUtil DLL Errors


Let me start this article by giving you a clear meaning of Iertutil.dll. Iertutil.dll is a utility for Internet Explorer to effectively function. If it is missing, the user will not be able to run Internet Explorer and the computer may not even boot.


Major factors that causes the IertUtil.dll Error


Usually when there is an Iertutil.dll error, the computer writes:


"The ordinal 313 could not be located in the dynamic link library iertutil.dll"


One of the major causes for the Iertutil.dll error is when the Internet Explorer develops issues. It could be from a missing file or a damaged and corrupt program. When there is a corrupt file, the computer is unable to read it. The error could also originate from the registry, one can only be sure if you carefully identify the source of the problem.


Fixing the IertUtil.dll Error


To fix an Iertutil.dll error, you will need to replace the corrupt/damaged file on the computer. After replacing the file, you should download another original copy and save it on your system.


c:\Windows\System32. Trace the original file (corrupt file) iertutil.dll and rename the file to iertutilBACKUP.dll.


After doing that you can then copy the new file downloaded on the internet to this location C:\Windows\System32. Click start and run the file


A Run box will appear on the screen, type "cmd" and then type in "regsvr32 iertutil.dll". Press Enter and the computer will access the fresh file.



When you are done with this fix, I advise that you wipe off the registry. The reason for this is so that if there are any errors located in the registry, they will be wiped off the system. Please note that the registry has all the files and settings on the system and if there is a problem with it this will affect the whole computer.

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